The Institute of Ethnomusicology (IDE) is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, documentation and preservation of traditional and popular music from the Andean-Amazon region and of its social and cultural contexts. It also aims to put its archive and research at the service of promoting cultural diversity and creativity. To that end, IDE developed a project to create a virtual platform for his Traditional and Popular Music Archive, which was the winner of the National Contest for Audiovisual Preservation Projects - 2018 of the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

The platform uses the AtoM an open source archival description application. See the online documentation to learn how to get started with AtoM. AtoM is a collaborative project with the aim to provide the international archival community with a free, open source software application to manage archival descriptions in accord with ICA standards. The goal is to provide an easy to use, multilingual application that is fully web based and will allow institutions to make their archival collections available online.